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Childcare and Kinder Garten

Childcare and Kinder Garten:

You can feel confident your child is being nurtured by a team of qualified early childhood educators and accessing cutting edge programs based on the latest research into how children best learn.

Our entire philosophy is built around making your child feel welcome, happy and successful. We combine our early learning programs with the love, support and guidance that your child would receive at home. At Buninyong Childcare Centre our approach is underpinned by a sense of partnership. Family, early childhood educators and the community work together to build the best possible outcomes for children

Highlights of our child care program include:

- Development of a strong connection with parents though ongoing communication, home visits, meetings and daily conversations
- Early childhood programs tailored to the needs of children based on their age, development and interests
- A creative learning environment based in a natural setting
- Personalised home routines supported and adhered to
- Quality, purpose built indoor and outdoor
- Expert, qualified, experienced staff focused on the individual requirements of your child
- Specialists in caring for young babies
- All meals provided according to Australian dietary requirements for children
- Higher ratios and smaller numbers of children in all rooms
- Effective and responsive management.

At Buninyong Childcare Centre, we believe that children and teachers work best when in collaboration together, co-constructing and investigating ideas and interests in depth, through project-based learning.

Our qualified and experienced kindergarten teacher guides and supports your child throughout their kindergarten journey, providing both structured and spontaneous learning opportunities that tap into children’s natural curiosity and their enthusiasm for learning.