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The Philosophy

Buninyong Childcare Philosophy

Buninyong Childcare Centre Pty Ltd embraces the Australian Early Years Learning and development Framework. We aim to ensure that all children, families, staff and visitors feel a sense of Belonging, feel safe and secure to be who they are and are supported to become all they can be.

Buninyong Childcare Centre Pty Ltd services are communities of shared learning. This means every individual who is part of Buninyong Childcare Centre Pty Ltd such as; children, families, staff and management are committed to being life-long learners. To support this Buninyong Childcare Centre Pty Ltd has created leadership roles such as Trainer, EducationalLeaderandMentor.Buninyong Childcare Centre Pty Ltd embraces the emergent curriculum philosophy for children’s learning.

We believe that the following objectives and values are of the utmost importance. The educators cater for these objectives through their positive relationships, interactions, the daily activities and educational programs. We believe all children should have a right to consistent, high quality care, where everyone can feel secure and happy. We believe each child and parent deserves a positive, professional approach, where confidentiality is adhered to.

We Believe and Concentrates

  •  Children with special needs should be integrated into every aspect of child care.
  •  A program must support every child’s pride in their family, community, ethnic and linguistic heritage. Therefore, helping all children to function successfully in a culturally diverse society.
  •  Each child’s developmental progress must be observed, evaluated and followed up on a regular basis. The learning experiences are to be relevant to the child’s individual strengths and needs. The program should also be flexible, accommodate spontaneous choices and have continuous feedback and involvement from parents.
  •  Physical and interpersonal environment should provide a high standard of nutritional, health and safety requirements.
  •  Program should reflect current issues of the family and community and be based on an up-to-date theoretical basis. Therefore, we will always strive to implement developmentally appropriate practices and show a commitment to continual education and self-development as professionals.
  •  Environment should be anti-bias and encourage / support gender equity.
  •  Every child should be encouraged towards a positive self-esteem, and this should be reflected in daily care. We will always advocate social equality, mutual respect, trust, cooperation and shared responsibility.
  •  Each child and family have a unique bond. We will value this and respect individual families beliefs and opinions. At all times, we will endeavour to pursue the family’s needs and wants, and furthermore to encourage their sense of belonging within the child care centre.
  •  Effective team work is needed to promote high quality care. All carer’s professional opinions, values and resources should be respected. Effective communication will lead towards good teamwork.
  •  We believe in and support the Australian Early Childhood Association, Code of Ethics.